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LiquidAgents Healthcare Travel Nurse Employment

LiquidAgents Healthcare: The Choice For Travel Nurse Employment.

The demand for nursing and allied health-care professionals is on the rise. LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment, LLC offers flexible career options for travel nurse employment opportunities.

LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment is a privately-held workforce procurement solutions company headquartered in Plano, TX. LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment focuses on "innovative" workforce solutions designed for companies and candidates looking for either contract or permanent healthcare, or travel nurse employment solutions. LiquidAgents is owned by its parent company, esoftsolutions, inc., a full-service, IT staffing firm founded in 1997. is a company that forms partnerships with travel nurse employment agencies. added LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment as one of its preferred partners in 2007. In a press release on the website,'s President stated that, “LiquidAgents Healthcare maintains consistent high quality and flexible services, of which, demands in a sponsor travel nurse agency. This partnership will further aid in meeting today’s healthcare shortage demands." For firms looking to partner with LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment, Hoover’s online reports the company’s fiscal-year-end sales for 2008 at $11.5 mil. also recommends other travel nurse employment agencies, including Advantages RN and Axis Healthcare Staffing.

LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment has the statistics to back up its standing as a premier travel nurse employment agency. LiquidAgents was named one of the "2009 Fastest Growing U.S. Staffing Firms” by the Staffing Industry Analysts. The company placed sixth on the list. LiquidAgents Healthcare has also achieved a compound annual average revenue growth of 64.6 percent over the past five years ( During this six-year period, employees also rated this travel nurse employment agency as one of the best places to work. As a bonus, the company also offers free, private housing to employees for all of their assignments.

In today's competitive economy, LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment can provide the competitive edge needed to land your next permanent job or contract position with a travel nurse employment agency. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or new to the nursing and/or healthcare field, LiquidAgents Healthcare offers clients the flexibility to gain professional experience in the travel nurse employment field, while exploring different parts of the United States. LiquidAgents has had many available jobs listed on its website in all parts of the United States for many people searching for careers in this field. While the company is headquartered in TX, it is clear the company is gaining ground and respect in all parts of the country. There is nothing to lose by looking into LiquidAgents Healthcare travel nurse employment - you just might find your next opportunity with a growing, travel nurse employment firm.

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