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Nurses In Partnership Inc Travel Nurse Employment

Use Nurses In Partnership Inc Travel Nurse Employment To Travel The States.

There is a significant insufficiency of qualified licensed nurses, increasing through out health care facilities across the United States.

Consensus display this will persevere over the years to come. Health care providers are considering new resources to employ their distress. Culminating hospitals and health facilities are consenting to pay prime salaries for qualified RN’s.

Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment (NIPI) was created with this urgency in mind. Considered the elite, Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment is committed to assisting health care providers find qualified, responsible and experienced registered nurses.

Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment (NIPI) implements career opportunities and permanent placement for Registered Nurses at the largest governing healthcare facilities and hospitals through out the United States, from Alabama to Wyoming.

This provides an extraordinary opportunity for licensed registered nurses to travel abroad and explore this horizon of healthcare industries and locations.

Capital benefits furnished by Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment include a lucrative salary, free medical coverage, life insurance, license reimbursement* and 4% for 401(k)**.

*Competing agencies provide only half the cost or none.

**Competing agencies only provide up to 3%

Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment will also accommodate international registered nurses with placement as soon as 3–6 weeks.

Sponsorship programs are available for international registered nurses not certified in the United States.

For Canadian registered nurses seeking employment, Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment will handle the total course of immigration and licensing.

Competing travel nursing agencies exclude housing as a prime benefit for their traveling nurses.

At Nurses in Partnership Inc, housing arrangements are secure. Accommodations are provided according to the RN’s necessities including free utilities. Also, moving expenses are reimbursed up to a significant amount. There are also accommodations for your cherished pet.

Salary is paid on weekly bases through direct deposit or other payroll methods.

Comprehensive referral bonuses are just another reward for being a part of Nurses In Partnership Inc travel nurse employment with bonuses starting at fair amounts to much higher amounts for each referral.

All applicants may register online. Application and forms provided in PDF form for easy print out.

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3) American Traveler

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