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TG Healthcare Travel Nurse Employment

Do Not Loose Out On The Opportunity Of Travel Nursing Agencies.

The main offices of TG Healthcare travel nurse employment are located in Omaha, Nebraska. The TG Healthcare travel nurse employment agency places nurses in healthcare facilities all over the country. TG Healthcare travel nurse employment puts people first just like the nurses that work for them. The founders are Brad Garrett and Darin Taylor.

Brad Garret started his career five years ago in a Midwest staffing firm. During the five years he was employed with the company, he traveled the country visiting hospitals, attending tradeshows, and negotiating contracts with hospital healthcare professionals. His main focus is on the employees’ career goals and enriching their quality of life.

Darin Taylor has ten years experience in the healthcare profession. In 2001, he became a nursing consultant. This exceptional man earned the title “National Recruiter of the Year” in 2003 and 2004. His main goal is helping nursing professionals become successful.

An employee does not pay TG Healthcare travel nurse employment any fee for applying. To apply you must be a graduate of an accredited healthcare professional program in the U.S. or Canada and have at least one year of clinical experience.

Travel assignments have an excellent impact on your resume. Healthcare administrators understand the broad experience gained in the traveling nursing industry. That is education that cannot be taught in a classroom. TG Healthcare also gives you the actual opportunity to travel. With the failing economy most people can’t afford to travel. Being a traveling nurse will expose you to new sights and cultures.

A nurse’s pay is based on education, experience, and location of the assignment. Employees can earn a bonus if they refer a friend or co-work to the agency.

During this weak time in the economy it is becoming increasingly difficult for nursing graduates to find employment. Most new graduates spend a large abundance of time filling out applications, searching want ads, and mailing resumes. TG Healthcare will conduct a job search for you. The organization will help a traveling nurse find temporary housing in the city they place you in. Nurses are even allowed to travel with their pets. The organization will assist you in traveling expenses.

Access Nurses is another travel agency, which place nurses all over the U.S. in healthcare facilities. This organization is JCAHO certified and has been featured in the news by stations like, CNN and CBS. Access Nurses can also find you a permanent position or place you on a pier diem job bases. The agency offers relocation reimbursement to and from your traveling assignments just like TG Healthcare. In addition, Access Nurses have medical, dental, and vision insurance available for their employees.

Fastaff Nursing Agency has been in business since 1989 and has become the leading healthcare company in the country. Main offices are located in Greenwood Village, CO. A nurse can earn up to $3000 for a referral. Fastaff lets the nurses request specific areas of a hospital they wish to work in. This agency also has a 401K plan along with other health benefits. Pets are allowed on assignments only if the nurse takes responsibility for his or her own housing. Even though Fastaff and Access Nurses are competitors of TG Healthcare travel nurse employment, there are very few differences in how these organizations operate.

A fantastic opportunity will be lost if you refuse to take a chance and apply to a travel nursing agency. This is a perfect opportunity for young professionals to go out and see the world and earn money at the same time. Great clinical experience can be gained. You can better serve your patients and community through experience as a traveling nurse.

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