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Travel Nursing Tax Advantage

Travel Nurse Employment For Healthcare Professionals.

Due to the shortage in nursing care in different nations, countries tend to offer nursing positions for short-term employment also known as travel nurse employment. To be able to invite qualified nurses, they offer many benefits and incentives like high salaries, housing and bonuses. Nursing professionals prefer this kind of employment not only because of higher pay and professional development but also because of personal adventure. Because of competition, many recruitment agencies promise good incentives including the travel nursing tax advantage. Applicants for travel nurse employment must understand that it takes a lot of paperwork including the completion of employment application, confirmation of certifications and licenses, nursing skill assessments. The recruitment agency will then look for job postings that fit your profile. To qualify for travel nurse employment, the applicant must have an experience of at least one year of employment or practice of his field of licensure and specialty. Though it only requires of at least one year experience, I would be a great advantage if the applicant has two years or more experience. Once hired, the nurse is expected to be skillful and well- experienced in their assignments. You may wonder what is the travel nursing tax advantage. It is a program for travel nurses that let them to have tax free reimbursements that will cover for their meals, lodging and incidental expenses. Permanent Tax Home is one of the benefits included in Tax Advantage Program. To avail this benefit, you must be a permanent resident in the location or state you are currently living with license and credentials stating this address. Examples are Insurances, Driver's License, Property Taxes, Voter's Registration or other credentials used for Permanent Tax Home. You must also have records of employment where you need to leave your permanent residence and work away and live in other places temporarily. However, if you lived in other places and different locations with a duration of more than one year, you may lose your status in Permanent Tax Home.

To avoid this incident, keep all these activities documented for future references. Daily tax free reimbursement will be given to you by the Travel Nursing Company when you are working away from your Permanent Tax Home and needs to stay in housing temporarily. But this reimbursement varies depending on the location of your assignments. On the other hand, if you're not a Tax Advantage Traveler, you may not receive any meals and incidental tax free reimbursement and you have to pay taxes for your housing. However, if you have a consistent Permanent Tax Home status but you did not avail the Tax Advantage Program, keep all records and receipts of your expenses because at the end of the year you may deduct these expenses which are above the coverage of the Travel Nursing Agency. Though, you have been granted as a Tax Advantage Traveler, you have to observe you expenses. Do not spent more than what the Travel Nursing Company could cover like the travel costs, medical expenses and trips. In summary here are the lists of the benefits that are offered for travel nurses: Higher Compensation and Bonuses. We all know that one factor in choosing your employment is the salary. More often, we prefer employment with higher salaries. Bigger bonuses are offered including sign- on bonuses and completion bonuses. Other recruitment agency will give referral bonuses every referral you can make. Options. The applicant may select his or her desired location of employment. If the applicant wishes to work overseas, he or she may request to the agency that she will be assigned to jobs abroad. But if the applicant wants to work locally, he or she may request the agency that she will be assigned domestically. Insurance. Travel Nursing Agencies offer different health insurance for travel nurses such as medical insurance and dental insurance. There are also Travel Nursing Agencies that offers Accidental Death and Basic Life Insurance.

Travel And Housing. Aside from all- expense paid travel, Travel Nursing Agencies offer a good and fully- furnished housing for travel nurses that will satisfy employee's personal adventures. The opportunity of working abroad and explore countries is very rare and most of people will grab it if given. Travel Nursing Tax Advantage. Travel nurses need not have to worry for paying taxes because the Travel Nursing Agency will give them tax-free reimbursements. Professional Development. As health care professionals, being a travel nurse is another experience that they can gain in their fields of specialization. Travel Nursing Agencies provide extensive trainings for the nurses before deploying them into the respective assignments. There are lots of Travel Nursing Agencies today, but you must be careful in choosing because you may end up submitting your application to illegal recruiters. If you have known somebody or a travel nurse friend then you ask your friend for his or her referrals. Having a well known and tested agency will lessen the risks and will boost your confidence in your travel. Before signing the contract, the applicants must be oriented on the essential details of the contract like the duration of his employment (when his employment will start and end), housing, salary, travel nursing tax advantage and other incentives included in the employment package. Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding on the terms in which is not clear to you. Ask for "what is" like "What if I got sick during the assignment period, what should I do? " and "What if I have to leave my assignment because of emergency reasons, where would I go? ". Throw questions regarding the housing. Ask housing details like the name, location and contact information, what type of housing it will be, do you have roommates, the costs and how far it is from the hospital. Discuss also incentives and benefits including travel nursing tax advantage.

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